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25,  · Leggings are pants at guys love simply because ey're skin tight. It would depend on how much e guys could see. If ey were really high, guys won't be . 26,  · I usually wear leggings or yoga pants. Today I was gonna go to e mall wi friends and I had on tight leggings and a tank top. I said bye to my bro er and he told me to put on pants and I told him I was wearing pants. He got mad at me at said my leggings were see rough and you could see my a**. He made a big deal about it and said I should cover up more. 21,  · But now, I ink it's a little out dated. I would never do it nowadays, unless I was wearing a long top/hoodie at covered my bum. I ink wearing em as straight up pants today isn't at acceptable. I rarely see anyone wearing leggings as pants anymore. But if you're comfortable and confident enough, who cares what o er people ink or do. 29, 20  · depending on e age and size of a person has some effect on e way your outfit looks. since youre being conservative in e sense at you're putting on an undershirt, but i ink at one e pants have to be ick and opaque to wear as pants, but e style of having a short shirt and leggings is on e childish side. try wearing a shirt just slightly longer at hits below e butt just. 09, 2008 · no it makes your butt look big number one and i ink at it makes your waste look big to it also makes you look like a little kid you no e one at wear e colored pants at are sweat pants.but at is what i ink. 25, 20  · Leggings are meant to be worn under skirts or dresses, not as stand alone garments. e outfits always look bad and it's just a matter of how bad ey will look depending on which top you wear wi em. Srrly. And en, at encourages people to wear tights as stand alone pants . ,  · A few days ago I was having a lazy day and I ide to wear a pair if leggings and a hoodie to school. But my cousin who goes to e same school started telling me how annoying it is when girls wear leggings as pants and how slutty. is was e first time I've heard about is trend and I found it a little surprising considering at half of e girls in our school wear em like at. Feb 09, 20  · I HATE when girls wear leggings as pants. It's so UGLY AND GROSS! I'd ra er see you in some jeans at shape your booty up nice an in elastic tubes at show off all your fat and cellulite. And e skinny girls who wear em just look like chickens. And your cameltoe is NASTY! I don't want to see at. Please girls, I beg you, WEAR SOME DAMN PANTS! 17,  · Wearing leggings as pants is acceptable for bo men and women. is style is seen everywhere. sports clubs and teenage girls. I suggest wearing a pair of in panty-hose undernea leggings as wearing two ick pairs cause you to be too m. e idea of showing your butt and showing camel toe is frowned upon but isn't illegal lol. Feb 17,  · Leggings are pants, ey're not see rough, and it's pretty much like wearing tight sweat pants, or Victoria's secret yoga pants (which is turning into a big trend at my high school). If you're criticizing girls for wearing em, you probably haven't tried on a pair yourself, so be you should, because EY'RE SO COMFORTABLE. It's acceptable. Feb 18,  · Ok so Im 13 and whenever I wear black leggings, I wear a long plaid top or tshirt at covers my butt. A lot of girls at school wear leggings as pants, wi a normal leng t shirt. Ive never tried at but I got some really cute tops lately at look bad wi skinny jeans, but look nice wi leggings. Ill be wearing a ong so my underwear line wont show. 27,  · After reading a piece on Elle begging women to Stop Wearing Leggings As Pants, I was torn.I mean, ere’s no doubt about it: Putting on a pair of workout leggings is wi out a doubt e. 29,  · Can men wear leggings as pants in public? Yes. I've seen is wi guys who are doing sports. Runners often wear sports leggings under a longer running top . 20, 20  · Many girls nowadays are wearing leggings as pants. is is a way of ese girls to show off eir legs and butts wi out showing too much skin. I saw a girl e o er day wearing black nylons wi a sweatshirt and slip on uggs. Its not an attractive look, especially because e . 06,  · Why do girls wear in black leggings as pants? Im downtown and I see ese girls wearing ese in black leggings. One of e girls you can see her green drawers right rough e leggins. I mean you are at least suppose to have a dress or a . 18,  · Leggings to wear as pants: You can wear leggings as pants or even to work if ey're made of icker fabric like ponte and faux lea er. To make sure fabric isn't see- rough, try e leggings . 19,  · I'm in 8 grade, and go to a public school. It's still winter, and all e girls wear leggings or yoga pants as pants, a sweatshirt, and Uggs. I'm sorry, e school has a strict dress code for boys but girls can wear whatever e hell ey want. Yoga pants and leggings are so revealing, so I'm wondering why so many girls are wearing em. Don't teenage girls have any self-respect? 27,  · At its worst, pushback against men wearing revealing clo ing in public is virulently homophobic, as social media comments on my articles on e subject and video appearances wearing leggings . Feb 16, 2009 · I wear tights as pants very often. It's very comfortable and I love e relaxed feeling of walking around all day in comfortable tights. I know at some times ey are see rough and I don't wear panties so it's not as noticable as when you wear panties at show ru. I also have a very nice round butt at looks really nice in tights! 19,  · EW! Some leggings are ick (mostly e expensive ones) so its okay. And ey aren't e same as yoga pants! At least yoga pants arent at see ru and looks more like pants! And omg my cousin wears a crop top wi in leggings and converse and lemme tell you its not cute! 13, 20  · You just have to wear e correct underwear. Like e ones made to be hidden, or act as a second skin. Second I really don't like e whole wearing leggings as pants ing regardless of what top goes well wi it. Unless it is a dress or skirt I would wear it at way o erwise I still won't wear ose as pants. Leggings are not pants, and if you’re wearing em as such, you’re pretty much asking for it, as somebody put it. Not at ere’s any ing wrong wi at, but I just so happen to ink at very few leggings styles and even fewer leggings looks can honestly pass for . 27,  · Leggings worn as pants are, apparently, not appropriate for pass travelers, ough e airline said ey’re fine for o er travelers. Related: Get over it: Leggings aren’t and never will be pants. 15,  · Listen to whatever advice she gives you, even if she says you are, in fact, wearing tights and must go put on real pants. If you've seen someone wearing an outfit like yours before, ask yourself. 17,  · When it comes to work attire, ere are some universal standards roughout many different industries. However, e subject of e appropriateness of leggings and heel height in office settings often draws mixed opinions.. In writer Allison Green’s recent Ask a Manager column in e Business Journals titled Managing: My intern is wearing leggings as pants, one reader questions. 04,  · Yep, Spanx makes leggings too, and fans of e brand are just as obsessed wi e compression pants as ey are wi e bodysuits. It’ll be hard to find a waistband higher an ese. 3. 30,  · Wi over 5,000 reviews and a 4.7 star-rating on Amazon, ese yoga pants have been dubbed e most underrated dupe for Lululemon leggings. Crafted from a . Feb 28, 20  · Never wear leggings under a skirt. It ruins it. You can wear stockings or high socks wi a skirt, and guys will love it, but never capri pants or leggings, ey ruin e point of wearing a skirt. 05,  · I can't compete in normal society. I'm miserable, so I might as well be comfortable.' When is happens, I'm always jealous of my female friends, who feel comfortable wearing leggings . Well it depends on your definition of socially acceptable. A woman can wear leggings in almost any situation be it business, leisure, exercise, out wi friends to e bar, to a restaurant, or just about any situation you can ink of. Often e l. 28,  · Seriously, it's e most disgusting ing I've ever seen! I mean, when I see girls at my school doing at, I want to go up to em (even ones who are my friends) and ask, So, do you enjoy portraying yourself as a harlot? I'm female too, but you won't see me dressed like I'm working e corner. Sure, I'm a hardcore liberal, but I also believing in dressing at least *somewhat* modestly. I absolutely HATE seeing girls wear leggings as pants! Seriously DONT want to see you visible panty line or horrible camel toe! Ei er reserve em for gym wear or wear a . 30,  · On e fit: It’s very rare for a pair of leggings (or pants in general) to be long enough for my legs, so e fact at ese are a little bit short of ankle-leng on me is totally fine! I ink e sizing is spot on and fits me perfectly. On e fabrication: e fabric feels a bit more on e icker side so I probably wouldn’t wear ese running outside in 90-degree wea er. 16,  · Shop it: Iris & Lilly Women's Soft Touch Leggings, starting at $14.25, ese are exactly what I was looking for: leggings to wear .

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