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12, 2007 · buena pregunta me puso a pensar, y creo que lo sigo haciendo pues no estoy 0 segura, las dos versiones son verdaderas pues cada uno tiene su punto de vista ya que los dos mane dos estilos diferentes respecto a su arte. por un lado Deidara utiliza arcilla para generar explosiones, ese es su arte, por lo tanto es efímero porque tan sólo dura unos segundos. en cambio Sasori lleve . Sasori can fly, all his puppets can fly, deidara will have a hard time playing keep away, and will eventually get poisoned, it also sucks at c3 has to be dropped, sasori is in e air wi him. Deidara shows immense respect for Sasori,and appeared happy to see him again during Edo Tensei ey frequently argue about art,and al ough Deidara respects Sasori's point of view,Sasori doesn't appear as respectful. Deidara claims at Sasori is stronger an himself. Deidara was one of e only people to know how Sasori's real form looked like. Unofficial Evidence [edit. edit source]. 14, 2008 · Sasori lacks a respiration system and a blood stream. e problem would be C3. However, Sasori won't let Deidara take e offensive. Sastetsu can shield and attack at e same time and Satetsu Shigure has a enormous range and hits a large scale wi extreme speed. Deidara has no chance to survive it. A scene from e ending of episode 25 from Naruto Shippuuden. An explosion will create any number of emotions in e people it affects, as would an ageless puppet. Even if ose feelings are fear, revulsion, anger, sorrow, etc., e point was to bring ose emotions to being. In a way, Deidara and Sasori are bo master artists, . Naruto- Minutes of Sasori and Deidara Episodes used in is video Deidara and Sasori attacks a village: Episode 3 Deidara and Sasori vs Orochi u: Episo. Feb 12,  · Location: Where Taka fought B Distance: 15 meters State of Mind: In character Tools and Equipment: B is in possession of Samehada and his Seven swords, Sasori wi his puppets, and Deidara wi ree bags of clay. Knowledge: None of B, but e Akatsuki duo are ae of Samehada's abilities however. Sasori and Deidara are not allowed to KILL B. NOTE: Sasori starts out wi e . Enjoy ♥.·:*¨¨*:·.♥.·:*:·.♥.·:*¨¨*:·.♥ song power by EXO i don't own e pictures in e video it belong to it rightful owner. Deidara (デイダラ, Deidara) was an S-rank missing-nin from Iwagakure. During his time in e village, he was a member of e Explosion Corps. After defecting from e village, he was forced into Akatsuki and was its youngest member. ere, Deidara was partnered wi Sasori until e latter's dea, and later wi Tobi before his own dea. During his time as an Iwagakure shinobi, Deidara. Location:Valley of e EndRules: Random encounter- Victory by dea or KO- Combatants start 50 metres apart. 05,  · Hinata she does have e Byakugan and e gentle fist techniques can be very powerful if used correctly, Ino would put up a fight ough. Orochi u he has too many tricks, Sasory was defeated by his granny and Sakura, orochi u probably already knows of Sasori's techniques and orochi u has a way out of ings get tough (Manda) but honestly orochi u isn't is kind of a dirty . 28, 2008 · After preparations, Team Guy removes e tags and disables e barrier allowing Team Kakashi to enter e hideout. Meanwhile e Akatsuki members have ended e astral projection technique and left e hideout. Deidara and Sasori who were e only ones physically present, remain behind to take care of e intruders. Sasori (サソリ, Sasori), renowned as Sasori of e Red Sand (赤砂のサソリ, Akasuna no Sasori), was an S-rank missing-nin from Sunagakure's Puppet Brigade and a member of Akatsuki, where he was partnered wi Orochi u and later, Deidara. Tier: At least Low 7-C wi Hiruko Puppet. At least 7-C wi Iron Sand Techniques and his main body Name: Sasori, Sasori of e Red Sand Origin. 07,  · kisame vs sasori kisame because he is still alive sasori is dead he got beat by sakura. deidara vs hidan hidan becuase he is emortal and wi at justu he uses at is inpossible for deidara to figure out but if he bloes himself up he dies and hidan falls into peices. shiki u vs hinata tie becuase if he gets hit wi her geantle fist its. 22, 20  · Sasori y Deidara hablan sobre Orochi u - Duration: 1:01. Kisame Hoshigaki 793,199 views. 1:01 (XBOX 360) Sasori vs Deidara Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - Duration: 2:26. 14, 20  · e next What-If Question ese 2 arty type ninjas facing off, who would win? And DON'T underestimate Sai Remember, give reasons for your answer Previous What-If fight Results: Sasori VS Orochi u & Kabuto - Sasori Win 4 Tails Naruto VS Itachi - Itachi Win Gaara VS Kisame - Kisame Win Sasuke VS Kisame - Sasuke Win Neji VS Kiba & Aka u - Neji Win Kakashi VS Guy . 24,  · Deidara vs Nnoitra Gilga - Nnoitra is stronger, faster, and more durable an Deidara. However, Nnoitra's streng and speed do little for him in is type of match up. Deidara is a lot s ter an Nnoitra and excels in long-range combat. He could have his way wi Nnoitra from a comfortable distance or even above his head. Sasori VS Deidara. Forum Versus Debates board Sasori VS Deidara Follow. 0 Kudos Sasori VS Deidara. Halcyonite. I feel like e series attempted to make e two appear somewhat near each o er's levels, but I hear people arguing Sasori is stronger an Deidara or vice versa. ,  · Hidan vs jiraiya-hidan, I like jiraiya but he is clumsy and will probably easily let hidan get his blood. Sasori vs shino-sasori, bugs can suck chakra out of puppets and he is just way out of shinos league. Deidara vs tsunade-deidara, tsunade is slow and her super streng will be useless. Can she punch out deidaras c3 or c4? I ink not. Feb 02, 2008 · He was Deidara's partner before Tobi. And ey would argue on what art really was. Deidara would say its a fleeting beauty while Sasori would dissagree. Here's his complete biography: Sasori, whose name means scorpion, was a former highly ranking ninja wi in Hidden Sand who . Apr 30,  · Itachi vs. Deidara/Sasori individually are reads at usually spark a lot of debate. Pitting em bo against Itachi makes is one sided. under, Apr 30, . under, Apr 30, 13. Lishenron. Messages: 2, 3 Likes Received: 3 Trophy Points: 218 Joined: 5, 20. Would Sasori, Deidara, or Itachi like you? at's wht I ask myself too. Itachi is hot, Sasori is hot, BUT SO IS DEIDARA! If I need help to find out my love, en so do you. OK ok ok so you want to find out your lover, and if it's Itachi, Deidara or Sasori, well you came to e right place! I promise you is quiz is better an my last one. Feb 24, 2008 · sakura vs hinata:sakura. kiba vs shino: shino. deidara vs sasori: sasori. tobi vs a bumblebee: tobi. kisame vs zetsu:kisame. tsunade vs jiraya:tsunade. choji vs. 19, 2009 · 6. Deidara vs. Sasori: Deidara would win. If he can beat Gaara, he can beat Sasori. 7. Itachi vs. Sasori: Definitely Itachi. Once again, all Sasori has is his puppets- all Itachi would have to do is use a fire jutsu to take em out. And Itachi, like Sasuke, . Apr 04, 20  · Yahoo Products. Anonymous. Anonymous asked in Entertainment & Music Comics & Animation. 1 ade ago. Itachi, Deidara and Sasori have been brought back to life WTF?!? is is mad! Apparantly 'Kabuto Yakushi resurrected Deidara, along wi Itachi, Nagato, Kakuzu, and Sasori, rough e Summoning: Impure World Resurrection, as a demonstration. Deidara is a character who shows up in chapter 4. He is a good friend of Itachi Uchiha and Sasori, he appeared wi em when he was first introduced in e front page of chapter 4, and later in e chapter itself. He is also friends wi Pain, Konan and Hidan. He has blonde, long hair at he keeps tied up in a ponytail, wi a part of it falling over his left eye and usually covering it. His. Itachi and kisame (Team 1) vs Deidara and Sasori (Team 2) Bo are in-character but serious. ey know all of eir basics power (Team 2 know Itachi has sharingan and how it works, Kisame is zero. 04,  · Location: e cave of Sasori's grave Distance: 25 meters Knowledge: Only knowledge from before Sasori vs Chiyo & Sakura Mindset: In character Stipulations for Sasori & Deidara: Sasori starts in Hiruko and has all traps at Kankuro demonstrated in e Arc. Deidara has full clay reserves and eye scope All ior shinobi have up to date feats. If is is a stomp for e Akatsuki duo, . 05,  · [inspired by at time i got reincarnated into a slime and sugar sugar rune] You are a psychology major student and are suddenly sent to e Naruto Shippuden World. You can return back under one condition: Itachi, Deidara, and Sasori must have special feelings tods you. P.S. look ford to e h. 11, 2007 · tsunade,naruto,jiraiya vs orochi u and kabuto. naruto vs sasuke. rock lee vs kimi o. shino vs kankuro. neji vs kimidarou. shika vs tayuya. choji vs sakon/ukon. itachi vs kakashi and naruto. team gai vs kisame. sakura,chiyo vs sasori. sasuke vs deidara. naruto vs kakuzu. hidan vs shika! Feb 20,  · ¿Deidara vs kankuro y Sasori vs Gaara? Naruto Shippuden? Si en la saga del rescate del kazekage en vez de haber peleado deidara contra Gaara y Sasori contra Kankuro si hubiese sido al reves, creen que hubieran ganado los ninjas de la arena? puntos ^^. 15,  · deidara vs sasori. pues ganaria deidara sus tecnicas son mas poderosas pero sasori esta muerto(su corazon en un cilindro) pero deidara con su tecnica de microexplosion cuando crea un clon gigante haria polvo a las ionetas de sasori le ganaria. pain vs itachi. 12,  · Sasuke vs Naruto [ Water Valley ] Naruto Neji Tenten vs Sound Four. Naruto vs Kimiaro [ sorry for wrong spelling ] Shippuden. Naruto Sakura vs Kakashi. Itachi Uchiha vs Naruto. Sakura & Chiyo vs Sasori. Naruto & Kakashi vs Deidara. Gaara vs Deidara. Sai Naruto Sakura vs Sasuke. Naruto vs Orochi u. Sasuke vs Orochi u. Hidan Kazuku vs Asuma. Tell me what she looked like! Deidara shouted, making Tobi spit out every ing he knew about e girl. She had red messy hair, a small body, her eyes were dull, and she looked like your ex-member Sasori-san! Tobi chirped happily. Deidara raised a eye brow, Exactly? Tobi nodded, But she was a girl. Deidara facepalmed. I know at idiot.. 1 Sum y 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 O ers Deidara (デイダラ, Deidara) was an S-rank missing-nin from Iwagakure. During his time in e village, he was a member of e Explosion Corps. After defecting from e village, he was forced into e Akatsuki and was one of its youngest members. ere, Deidara was partnered wi Sasori until e latter's dea, and later wi Tobi before his. 08, 2007 · Gaara vs Deidara. Kankurou vs Sasori. Rescue Gaara Arc: Naruto, Kakashi, Sakura & Chiyo vs Fake Itachi. Team Gai vs Fake Kisame. Naruto & Kakashi vs Deidara. Sakura & Chiyo vs Sasori. Team Gai vs eir clones, lol. From here, ese are spoiler fights from e manga. Retrieving Sasuke Arc, Part 2: Sai vs Naruto, Shika u & Chouji. If we are talking about Hidan vs Sasori, we all know Hidan gets torn to shreds, and if Deidara vs Kakuzu, if Deidara is on his bird right away, it is over. ichigo12 OMG, first of all, remeber kakuzu's hearts, and if deidara goes on flight e four hearts will retain him and probably kill him while kakuzu and hidan fight against sasori and, well. 12, 2009 · Gaara VS Hidan.. Hidan kyakna..Soalnya Hidan gak bisa mati.. Lagipula Sasori yg ngalahin gaara ja kalah sama sakura n nenek chiyo.. Nii Yugito VS Sasori. Kayakna Nii Yugito deh,Hidan n Kakuzu yg hebat ja dibuat kalang kabut sama Yugito.. Roushi VS Deidara. jelas Deidara donk.. Deidara aja imbang sama sasuke yg berhasil melawan kirabi dan itachi.

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